Rollschuhe Komplett Solopatin Best Faser Schwarz Vergrößern

Rollschuhe Komplett Solopatin Best Faser Schwarz

Rollschuhe Komplett Solopatin Best Faser Schwarz. Stiefel Solopatin best Schwarz, Skates Solopatin Faser, Rollen CNC Saktes, Gepanzerte Genauigkeitslager. 

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  • Rollhockey

150,00 € EUR

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Hockey Solopatin best Fibre black. Consisting of:

Hockey Boots Solopatin BEST Black, introduction to hockey skates.

- Skating boots special synthetic leather for initiation:

- Very slight sole, low profile for better control of the skates.

- Interior foam, high density.

- Large tongue, for better protection before possible blows.

- Reinforced toe and anti-shock back of the heel, extra large, to protect from scratches and give the player better stability.

Hockey Frames Solopatin Fiber, with toe stops. Light.

Hockey Wheels CNC Skates Hero. Wheel Shore 92A. With radius.


To feet sweat a lot, recommend, like for all boots, insoles with ventilation, anti sweat, Solopatin Hockey.

This model has been manufactured especially for Solopatin. So its price is about -20% lower than other models in the same category. So you may already have some boots at the lowest price.