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Hockey Solopatin ROCKET Fibre HERO Wheels

Hockey Solopatin ROCKET Fibre. Boots Solopatin, Skates Solopatin Fiber, Wheels CNC Skates, Skate bearing.

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  • Roller Hockey

191,55 € EUR

Hockey Solopatin ROCKET Fibre. Consisting of:

- Hockey Boots Solopatin ROCKET, black silver. From nº35 to nº45.

Quality at low price, extremely light and compact Boots with very good protection.

Skating boots authentic leather:

- Very slight sole, low profile for better control of the skates.

- Interior foam, high density.

- Large tongue, for better protection before possible blows.

- Reinforced toe and anti-shock back of the heel to protect from scratches and give the player better stability.


Hockey Frames Solopatin Fiber, with toe stops. Light.

- Hockey Wheels CNC Skates Hero. Wheel Shore 92A. With radius.

- Skate Bearings: Different types of bearings to choose from (prices will vary according to the chosen setbearings, you have to choose the bearings from the drop down).

* Economic Roller Bearings, semiprecision. Quality China. Bearings at a great price, but poor quality. Not recommended for skaters started.

* Roller Bearings Armored. Protection plate steel sheet on both sides of the bearing.

* Skate Bearings Advance Abec 7 Red. Contains 7 internal balls made of steel, it offers the maximum smoothness and an excellent speed.

* Skate Bearings Roll-Line Carbon J, hardened steel with polyamide separate areas, offer excellentperformance. They are created for the competition, open on both sides for a perfect cleaning.

To feet sweat a lot, recommend, like for all boots, insoles with ventilation, anti sweat, Solopatin Hockey.

This model has been manufactured especially for Solopatin. So its price is about -20% lower than other models in the same category. So you may already have some boots at the lowest price.